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“Triple Coins” is a challenging and strategic puzzle game that requires critical thinking and simple mathematical skills. The objective of the game is to convert the displayed coins on the board into a single type using a limited number of moves.

The game board consists of a set of coins, which can vary in colors and sizes, and each coin has its binary value (head or tail) and its position on the board. The goal is to convert all the coins to either all heads or all tails.

Moves are executed by selecting two adjacent coins on the board and swapping them with each other. When a move is made, the values of the exchanged coins and their positions on the board change.

Achieving the goal is a challenging task as you need to make moves wisely to ensure reaching the desired solution with the fewest possible moves. You may also need to think ahead and plan future moves to avoid getting stuck in a situation where you cannot complete the game.

“Triple Coins” offers both a challenging and entertaining experience, helping to develop mental skills such as strategic thinking, improving focus, and enhancing logical reasoning.

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