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“Tesla Defense Game” is a strategy and simulation game that revolves around managing and constructing a Tesla electromagnetic power station to defend your city against enemy attacks. The game is based on the real-life technology and experiences of Nikola Tesla in the fields of energy and defense.

In the game, you play a crucial role in designing and managing the Tesla power station. Your task is to build the energy tower, expand and enhance it to efficiently generate electricity and supply the city with the required power. Advanced technologies based on Tesla’s discoveries can be utilized to improve the station’s performance and reduce energy consumption.

Moreover, you will face challenges from enemies attempting to attack the city. You must construct appropriate defense towers and employ advanced defense technologies to repel attacks and protect the station and its inhabitants. Towers can be upgraded, and defense systems improved to enhance efficiency and resistance against enemies.

The “Tesla Defense Game” features high-quality graphics, enjoyable design elements, and detailed strategic components. The game provides a wide range of levels and tasks that increase in complexity as you progress. You can also experience a free-play mode to create and customize your own station.

This game is suitable for strategy and simulation enthusiasts, challenging your skills in management, planning, and strategic thinking. It offers an enjoyable and educational experience about technology and energy, along with providing an opportunity for fun and entertainment.

Start playing the game online now for free!

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