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“Mahjong” is a traditional Chinese game that relies on concentration, intelligence, and strategic skills. It is one of the oldest puzzle games, with roots dating back hundreds of years in Chinese culture.

The game consists of a set of tiles, often made of ivory or wood, bearing various Chinese symbols. The tiles are arranged in a pyramidal or wall-like structure, stacked in multiple layers.

The objective of the game is to remove all tiles from the board systematically. The rules allow you to remove tiles that have the same symbol and can move horizontally and vertically. However, the tiles must not be covered by any other tiles from above.

The game requires high concentration and good strategy to choose the appropriate tiles for removal and plan for future moves. The difficulty of the game increases as more tiles and interlocking patterns are introduced, demanding enlightened thinking and advance planning.

“Mahjong” is considered an enjoyable challenge for fans of mental games, enhancing logical thinking, concentration, and planning skills. It provides a wonderful cultural heritage experience, allowing players to enjoy the challenge and entertain themselves.

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