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“Easter Block Jong – Easter Edition” is an entertaining and exciting game based on the traditional Mahjong game. The game celebrates Easter and offers a delightful, colorful experience.

In this game, your goal is to remove matching pieces from the game board to complete the level. The pieces feature designs related to Easter, such as colored eggs, rabbits, and flowers. You need to search for matching pieces and select the correct arrangement to eliminate them, making sure there are no obstacles between the pieces.

The game includes multiple levels, gradually increasing in difficulty as you progress. You can challenge yourself to complete levels as quickly as possible or try to achieve the highest score.

Enjoy the vibrant colors and beautiful Easter-themed design in “Easter Block Jong – Easter Edition,” and get ready for a fun and entertaining time. Challenge your friends or test your skills in this compact game filled with challenges and enjoyment.

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Game Mahjong Blocks – Easter



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