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Carrom Pool is a multiplayer mobile game that brings the classic board game of carrom to a digital platform. The game is designed to simulate the physical carrom board experience and is typically played by two players or in doubles. Players use their fingers to strike and pocket game pieces using a striker, similar to the real-life carrom game.

The gameplay involves aiming and flicking the striker to hit the carrom men into the corner pockets, earning points for successful shots. The objective is to pocket all of one’s carrom men before the opponent does. Carrom Pool often includes various game modes, such as Classic Carrom, Disc Pool (similar to pool or billiards), and other entertaining challenges. The game may also feature customizable boards, strikers, and different levels of difficulty, adding variety to the gaming experience. Overall, Carrom Pool combines the traditional board game with modern mobile gaming elements to provide an engaging and competitive experience for players.

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